Thursday, July 22, 2010

Latest Obsession: Elf Nail Polish!

[in order from left to right: Light Red, Chocolate, Smoky Brown, Mod Mauve, Passion Pink, Mango Madness, Champagne, Desert Haze, Nude, White, Matte Finisher, Clear.]

Okay so different from my regular schpeel but definitely worth mentioning: Elf Polishes! I have been obessed with the E.L.F. line of nail polishes! I have heard mixed reviews about the consistency of the polish itself but when it comes to the dollar price could I resist!
So I picked up 10 coloured, 1 clear and 1 mattifying polishes. I have to say I am absolutely in love with these! I myself have not experienced any out of the ordinary streakiness and since I usually change my polish every 2 or 3 days chipping really isn't a problem. I think I like these better than most of my china glaze and essie polishes! The only complaint that I have is the horrible colour swatches on the website; they are terribly off. To get perfectly opaque nails I had to use 2 coats plus a base and top coat. Ohh how I love these so much. If you haven't tried them, in my opinion they are considerably worth more than the dollar they are purchased for.

So have any of you tried any of the polishes? I really want the mint cream and lilac but they seem to always be out of stock!!
Enjoy lovelies,
[mod mauve..excuse my terrible cuticles (=]


  1. Do they chip a lot? I'v been thinking of getting some, but im put off by the cheapness, but maybe now i will :) xx

  2. nice colour!

    &&I am back from a big break.. A lot off things have changed on my blog! so take a look ^^ and I hope you 'll give your comment ^^

    Lots of love, Lisette

  3. @Hannah
    So I put it on yesterday morning and today there is still no sign of chipping. Although I haven't done anything strenuous or anything. I say for a dollar why not!

    @Lisette I'll check it out asap! Welcome Back!!


  4. Could you swatch mango madness & passion pink for me please!?

  5. @ Caroline
    Absolutely, I'll post the swatches this weekend

  6. nail polish is awesome!

  7. Will have to try these now!

    follow me too :)


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