Friday, April 30, 2010

MMM Bakery!?

Holy Yum!
So the other day I did a review about melting tarts from Country Home Scent on Seriously i've been burning the buttercream frosting one basically all week for like 3 hours at a time. It smells SO a bakery. I take a tiny piece off the tart like maybe 1/5 of the tart and it is just SO YUMMY. I really cannot say better things about this scent it's so amaaaazing. Okay well no review today, i'll have another one on Monday.

Have a great weekend loveerlies

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lush - The Sicillian

Over the weekend I decided to have a bath and I mean seriously, whats a bath without a bath bomb? So I chose The Sicillian from Lush. This is a retro item which means you have to either order it online or by phone. This 6.5 oz bath bomb itself is a plain white colour with the lush logo on top and also has some visable marigold flowers poking out of it.

When I first smelled this I could really only smell the tangerine and I looove citrusy smells so this was definitely a big pro. When I put it in the bath, it really didn't change my water colour..because it is white..BUT THE SMELL was just intoxicating. As it was fizzing you could smell fresh mandarain oranges mixed with tangerines, and the slightest hint of grapefruit.

So I was watching it fizz and enjoying my bath when OMGOSH, as with many lush bath bombs, there was a surprise! A whole orange slice was revealed as my fizz was coming to an end and it just made me laugh so hard. Like to have a real orange slice just floating in my bath..
ANYWAYS this bath bomb was slightly moisturizing I mean I still had to use a moisturiz
er after so it didn't really leave my skin feeling overly soft. It did however leave this great clean citrusy smell on my skin for the rest of the evening. Cleanup was minimal; there was a little bit marigold flowers and of course the orange slice. So overall I did really enjoy this bath bomb and will be repurchasing it. It's certainly one to lift your spirits!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mad City Soap - Double Body Butter Cream

[ingredients: water, theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), emulsifying wax nf, stearic acid, caprylic/capric triglycerides, vitis vinifera (grapeseed) oil, glyceryl mono stearate, fragrance, camellia sinensis (japanese green tea) leaf extract, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), tocopherol (vitamin e), allantoin, disodium edta,diazolidinyl urea, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate.]

I recently purchased a body cream from Mad City Soap on and if I could only describe in one word it would be Luxurious. When I first opened the jar and saw the consistency I was like oh my gosh, this is not even going to last a week! However when I was rubbing it into my body I was so amazed at how little i needed to use. I would say..if you used this cream once a day, everyday on your whole body like even including your back it would probably last you a good month for a 4 oz jar. So really, a little goes a long way.
I got this body cream in Fresh Marshmallow and it a fresh marshmallow. I was worried about the smell being artificial or too sweet or too overpowering. Surprisingly this scent is dead on. It smells like freshly made marshmallows; vanilla, cream, powdered sugar mixed together is just irresistable.
It is just SOOOOOOO moisturizing. I have been using it for the past 5 days and I put it on first thing in the morning after I shower and I can still smell it on my skin in the evening. It makes my skin silky smooth and I found I really didn't need to reapply on my arms throughout the day. It also didn't irritate my skin. Now I don't have sensitive skin really but I found that a lot of lotions that I purchase that are fragranced really tend to make my skin kind of dry. With this my skin is just delightful and I can't wait to purchase more in different scents.
The price for this was $7.50 for 4 oz. Now like I said this is going to last you and I mean $7.50 for a whole month of a single luxurious body cream? Sounds absolutely affordable to me. Sue has so many different smells like I mean TONS AND TONS. You will be sitting there on her etsy for hours trying to decide exactly which scent you want in each product!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dennis Anderson Soap Company - Soap in a Jar

[ingredients: aqua, glycerin, sodium cocoyl isethionate, sorbitol, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sodium chlorie, sweet almond oil, phenoxyethanol, tetrasodium edta, fragrance, oxide colour]

Soap in a JAR... I got these soaps in Coconut Obsession and Iced Oatmeal Cookie. I decided to use both of them before I reviewed them because can I review something that I never tested out. So the verdict: I LOVE these.

I wasn't too keen on the Coconut Obsession when I smelled it at first. I'm more into sweet coconut a virgin coconut, or coconut juice. This is a dead on coconut milk kind of smell and has the same scent as The Body Shop's Coconut Body Butter.

Okay If anyone likes the smell of cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookies OMGOSH you will like be totally in looooove with Iced Oatmeal Cookie. ITS SO YUMMY. It smells like cinnamon and frosting mixed together to create this indescrible luscious scent. You will totally love this.

I'm not sure if you can really see the texture of the soap from my pictures, my camera is terrible and really does not do it justice. The texture of these soaps are creamy and very whipped. It's basically the same kind of texture as an icing from a container. In the shower they produce a very nice lather and just like with any other soap, the more you rub in and depending on if you're using a loofa or bath pouf, you can get some pretty impressive suds. In the shower the scent is amazing, it will fill up your entire bathroom.
The only negative thing I have to say about this product is, for me, the scent does not stay on my skin. No matter how many times I rubbed the product onto my skin; it just didn't last when I dryed off and dressed. But the good news is Dennis Anderson does make body lotion. So, when you place your order you can always get a soap in a jar with the matching body cream!

Monday, April 26, 2010


A VERY QUICK POST, I just took my shower with a sugar scrub from mad city soap in the italian cream cake scent OMG i'm so in love, stay tuned for a full-review on my order this week!

Lush Canadian Gift ........ ..... ....

Okay I want to start off by saying that I REALLY REALLY wanted to love these products. When I was online ordering this gift, I was thinking: omgosh I absolutely LOVE the smell of maple syrup. Well... when I got my order in the mail and opened it..let's just say I was very very disappointed. The soap didn't smell sweet..nor like maple syrup, or sugar.. or anything that smells good. It smelled like rotten pine trees mixed with play-doh. It was just awful.

So I said...okay well maybe i'm just not giving it a chance and so I let it sit out for a couple days to cure more. Finally I decided maybe the maple-syrup note to it would be released if I used it in the shower..Nope it had the same play-doh gross smell.

Now for the mountie massage bar. It's supposed to smell like creamed coconut, vanilla and jasmine. It doesn't..It's not a TERRIBLE smell but I really would not like to smell like it.. It smells similar to the Nutts massage bar except its more earthy and piney and not as sweet.

Is it just me? I mean did anyone try these two products and like them? I just feel so let down. I bought 2 of these gifts. So when I got the first one and didn't like it, I was hoping maybe it had just spoiled or it was just a bad batch or SOMETHING. But unfortunately, to my dismay the second gift smelled the same..



PS: If anyone actually loved this gift and wants it, just let me know!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Country Home Scent---MMMMMMMM

They look like cupcakes right?! Or those little tarts you buy in the bakery section at your local grocery store. Actually these are wax tarts from Country Home Scent. It's an etsy store that I came across last week and man, these little things are AMAZING.

First of all they are so adorable. Each one to it's own, they are decorated according to scent. For example, the Pumpkin pie one that I got has an orange bottom, a lighter top and is sprinkled with cinnamon. Like a real pumpkin pie! Secondly, they are highly highly highly scented.. I mean they didn't just fill up the a room in an hour, they filled up my entire 3-storey home. From my basement where I was burning the Cinnamon Buns tart, to my bedroom which is on the top floor; my entire house smelled like sticky yummy frosted cinnamon buns. The scent was dead on...Like I wanted to eat the air. So about the tarts, they are wax-blend tarts containing the highest amount of fragrance oil that could possibly be put in. Each tart weighs 1 0z..I believe.. and the tart that I was burning was in the warmer for about 4 hours and there still was quite a bit left so they do last for quite a long time. In her etsy store she has SO SO SO many different scents and you can also pick and choose with her "stock up sampler" and "choose a dozen" deals.

If you like bakery scents, floral scents, fruity scents or ANY KIND OF SCENT then give her tarts a try because like I said the scent throw is incredible and you won't be dissappointed!



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SudzySoap Order & First Impressions (OMGOSH)

Okay so, I got my order from SudzySoap in the mail today and OMGOSH really sums up how I felt when I first opened up my package. To begin with, the soaps were extremely well packed. Each soap came in a seperate baggy, then wrapped together in bubblewrap, and finally packaged in a bubble-envelope. When I ordered from Roxann she had a Buy 2 get 1 free deal going on and with soaps being 5-6oz I had to take advantage of it. She still has the deal going on so GO CHECK IT OUT NOW!


Strawberry ShortCake Brown Sugar Scrub Soap

[ingredients: saponified vegetable oils of (olive, rice bran, cocnut, organic palm and shea butter), essential oils, natural colour, natural vitamin E, natural vegetable colouring.]

This soap is just beautiful it is like a piece of art. Honey and brown sugar sandwiched in between a creamy off-white colour and a sweet pink strawberry-scented base. To me this smells like a delicious strawberry parfait. It has more of a strawberry yogurt smell than a stawberry shortcake. It's a very juicy strawberry smell, perfect for the summer. Also the honey-brown sugar middle would be perfect for exfoliating legs, arms and anything else we feel like showing off in the warmer months coming. If you like the smell of Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar from Lush, you'll definitely LOVE this soap. AND $5 FOR 5.5OZ?!? Stock up before they're all gone!

Georgia Peaches & Cream Peach Cobbler Shea Butter Soap
[ingredients: saponified vegetable oils of (olive, rice bran, coconut, organic palm and shea butter), essential oils, natural colour, natural vitamin E, natural vegetable colouring]

Fresh, Fruity and very light, this soap would be a hit for people who don't like very heavy perfumey or bakery scents. It smells of peaches, mangos, apricots and just overall very fruity. That being said, it is much too light of a scent for my liking. It leaves a very subtle smell on the skin after lathering with a loofa and if you're the type of person who uses body sprays throughout the day then this would be an ideal soap because the scent is not overpowering.

Lucious Mango/ Exotic Papaya Coconut Milk Soap

[ingredients: saponified vegetable oils of (olive, rice bran, coconut, organic palm and shea butter), essential oils, natural colour, natural vitamin E, natural vegetable colouring.]

Tropical orange shea butter bottom, with a shea butter-coconut milk top, sprinkled with exfoliating coconut flakes. This soap is a vacation in your shower. The smell is very true to name with scents of mango, papaya, passionfruit, coconut and satsuma. Definitely another keeper for the summer and if you just love it too much to use it, the vibrant orange bottom definitely gives you a reason to showcase it in your bathroom instead!

Yummy Pink Sugar Shea Butter Emu Oil Soap
OMGOSH Okay, so I only ordered 2 soaps to get one free one, HOWEVER, this sweet sweet lady sent me a whole extra soap for free! HOW COOL IS THAT?! Okay well this has to be my favourite soap from my order. Figs, juicy plums, vanilla musk and brown sugar make this soap the most AMAZING soap I have ever smelled. She also topped it off with turbinado sugar for that extra little exfoliation we all love in the shower. I cannot express how much I am in love with this smell. There isn't really anything that I can compare it with.. SO I guess you'll just have to go and buy a bar..or two and see exac
tly what you're missing out on..yeah?

Aside from the soaps, Roxann also sent me a natural lip balm in chocolate as a gift with my order, unfortunately I threw out the label and I can't list the ingredients but i'm sure if you check out her website she'll have them listed. OKAY well I am totally in love with my soaps and this has taken me way too long to post so I am going to leave it at that.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Getting it!

Good Afternoon! So i'm getting this html stuff quicker then I imagined I would. I think I have settled on this blogger template and i'm liking it so far. I ordered from a bunch of companies last week so I hope..crosses fingers.. to have LOTS AND LOTS of hauls and reviews this week to share with you! Stay tuned for hauls!


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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Okay, so I am going to be working on the layout of my blog for the next few days. This is my first blog so bare with me in trying to understand exactly how blogging works!


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