Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ritual Waters!

Recently I was sent 3 soaps to try out from a company called Ritual Waters. A fellow blogger, The Mom Chef, (who's blog I read religiously) kindly gave her good friend Marilyn, who is the maker of Ritual Water Soaps, my email address. Marilyn then contacted me and arranged for soaps to be sent out to me so I could try them out. So I picked Arabian Nights, Vanilla Mint and Cappuccino Delight. They arrived very quickly and were notably packaged well. So I've already tried Vanilla Mint and Arabian Nights in the shower however I have to wait for the last soap to cure for a couple more weeks before I can lather it up!

So...What do I think? We'll start with Vanilla Mint. It gives off a sweet cool tantalizing minty smell that just makes you want to jump in the shower on super hot days. It also has a sweet vanilla peppermint smell and I can actually smell it on my skin after which is a treat.

Next is Arabian Nights: freshly crushed coriander and pepper sprinkled with nutmeg is how I would describe the smell. It is like India in a bar! It's a very complex smell and would be great for cooler weather. It also says in the description that it has ylang ylang in it. I don't smell this at all in the bar and in the shower the fragrance is still not released. I would prefer if it had a little more nuttiness in the fragrance just to tone down the spicy coriander.

Last is Cappuccino Delight. I was quite disappointed with this soap. I have not used it yet however I have smelled it over and over again. So when you think Cappuccino you think coffee right? Well I can't smell any coffee at all. What I do smell is black pepper, cloves and cinnamon. I guess I thought it would smell like coffee because it looks like a cappuccino. (a coffee brown base that has soft white fluffy whipped peaks at the top) So If could change something about this soap. I would change the name to Masala Chai.

The lather of these soaps are just super. So creamy and so thick. Compared to other non-goat's milk soaps that I have used, this formula seems to be quite a bit more moisturizing. After drying my skin actually feels nourished.

Hopefully this is helpful to you and I hope you go and check out her store: Ritual Waters If you click that it will take you to her soaps page! She has a wide range of different fragrance blends so I know if you go and take a look you'll find something that you will love. I'm eyeing the Roger Dodger!

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