Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beyond The Rack

Hi Girlies!
So aside from my soap addiction I also love all things beauty-related and I am really just a shopaholic in general. Last year my bestie referred me to a website called Basically they sell designer and high end merchandise (clothes, housewares, makeup, purses, sunglasses..EVERYTHING) at very very discounted prices. I have ordered anything from makeup, shirts, dresses, purses, ugg boots from this website and every time I have always been satisfied with the quality of the things I buy and the shipping time. SO I recently found out that whoever I invite automatically gets a $10 credit for joining..that YOU can spend on ANYTHING you buy. Then, if YOU buy something I get a $10 credit. SO if any of you are interested, just comment below with your email address so I can send your invite and you can get $10 just for joining!
Have a lovely day.

1 comment:

  1. Heyyy! Thanks for sharing this :) Could you invite me please??

    Thanks <3


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