Friday, May 7, 2010

The Sugar Pink Cupcakes

So today i'm going to do a review on some soy tart melts that I recently purchased on etsy from a store called The Sugar Pink Cupcakes. Now I did a review also on a store called Country Home Scents, what sets their tarts apart is what they're made of; these are natural soy wax tarts.

First i'm going to talk about the scents that I chose. For the cupcake melts I got White Cake N Strawberries, Pink Coconut Fluff and Cinnamon Sugar. For the break-away melts I chose Beach Baby, Cherries N Cream and Frosted Pumpkin Cupcake. Basically whatever the name is, it smells just like that. Pink Coconut Fluff however smells like a pina colada with extra coconut and Beach baby smells like tanning lotion mixed with a tiny bit of pina colada. Out of all of them White Cake N Strawberries is my favourite. IT IS HEAVENLY. I have been burning this scent since I received it in the mail and I really just can't get enough. It smells like fresh juicy strawberries tossed on baked sponge cake. It doesn't smell buttery or creamy which makes this a perfect smell for summer. INTOXICATING is the word that comes to mind.

Next..customer service. Impeccable is how I would describe Shantay & Stacy's customer service. If you have a question, they get back to you so fast and they will work with you if you need a custom listing or a custom tart. They also update you on shipping and if they're going to be out of the shop and when, just incase you have any questions. I have already placed another order with them because THESE THINGS SMELL AMAZING and I have noticed that they last forever.
If you're looking for tarts that are not overpowering but do smell true to scent and name then these are for you! half a dozen cupcake tarts are $5.95 and the 6 pack of breakaway tarts are $3.50 so definitely affordable. Everything is packaged very neatly and just smells SO good. This is my NEW go-to company for soy tarts and I really hope that you will go and check her store out because I know you won't be disappointed. She also does sell bath bombs as well and I will review them just as soon as I try them!


  1. I thought those were real cupcakes! They look good enough to eat :) xxxx

  2. Omgoosh I know and they smelll like heavennn


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