Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Sugar Pink Cupcakes Haul Numero 2!!


Because I was just so thrilled wih my first order I put in another order immediately and it arrived today! So I'm just going to show you all my goodies and tell you what everything smells like!

Cupcake Tarts

I got 4 bags of cupcake tarts: Birthday Cake (smells like sweet buttercream frosting spread on top of a buttery white cake), White Cake & Strawberries(MY FAVOURITE SMELL EVER; juicy ripe gigantic strawberries tossed on a white sponge cake and sprinkled with sugar), Sugar Pink Cookies (smells like buttery sugar cookies topped with a creamy strawberry & cherry icing) and Strawberry Shortcake. (I really do not like this scent it smells like a burnt strawberry shortcake to me for some reason)

Breakaway Tarts

Anddd I got 4 packs of breakaway tarts: Pink Lemonade (smells like grapefruit and lemons with a hint of sugar), Better Than Sex Cupcakes (OMGOSH; smells like a chocolate almond cupcake with a whipped hazelnut icing), Pomegranate Cream (I don't smell pomegrante or cream it smells more floral with a distinct hint of cinammon & spice, it's a really nice complex scent) and Pineapple Upside Down Smoothie. (smells like a fresh pineapple blended with vanilla and hints of banana and mint)

Bath Bomb Fizzies-Bundt cakes

I also wanted to try these so I got 2 of them: Blueberry Cupcakes (smells like sweet gooey blueberry pie filling) and Frosted Lime Cupcakes. (smells like a really fresh lime flavoured icing)

She also sent me a sample of her sugar scrub which I have not opened yet and also 3 more of her white cake & strawberry tarts BECAUSE I CANNOT SAY BETTER THINGS ABOUT THIS SCENT!! So I'm really happy with my order! As you can tell everything was very neatly packaged and ready for gift-giving if that is what you're looking for. I'm disappointed that I didn't like the Strawberry Shortcake but we all have preferences and maybe you would like this scent. So if you haven't checked her etsy shop out I really suggest you take a little look and try something out! =D


  1. I tagged you with an award:) and these posts kill me for the sole reason that they make me crave sweets like crazy!! Haha xxxx

  2. Hi Julia, thanks for following my new blog, I already follow youers as I am a fellow soap junkie :) Much love, Ellie x


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