Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lush - The Sicillian

Over the weekend I decided to have a bath and I mean seriously, whats a bath without a bath bomb? So I chose The Sicillian from Lush. This is a retro item which means you have to either order it online or by phone. This 6.5 oz bath bomb itself is a plain white colour with the lush logo on top and also has some visable marigold flowers poking out of it.

When I first smelled this I could really only smell the tangerine and I looove citrusy smells so this was definitely a big pro. When I put it in the bath, it really didn't change my water colour..because it is white..BUT THE SMELL was just intoxicating. As it was fizzing you could smell fresh mandarain oranges mixed with tangerines, and the slightest hint of grapefruit.

So I was watching it fizz and enjoying my bath when OMGOSH, as with many lush bath bombs, there was a surprise! A whole orange slice was revealed as my fizz was coming to an end and it just made me laugh so hard. Like to have a real orange slice just floating in my bath..
ANYWAYS this bath bomb was slightly moisturizing I mean I still had to use a moisturiz
er after so it didn't really leave my skin feeling overly soft. It did however leave this great clean citrusy smell on my skin for the rest of the evening. Cleanup was minimal; there was a little bit marigold flowers and of course the orange slice. So overall I did really enjoy this bath bomb and will be repurchasing it. It's certainly one to lift your spirits!

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