Monday, April 26, 2010

Lush Canadian Gift ........ ..... ....

Okay I want to start off by saying that I REALLY REALLY wanted to love these products. When I was online ordering this gift, I was thinking: omgosh I absolutely LOVE the smell of maple syrup. Well... when I got my order in the mail and opened it..let's just say I was very very disappointed. The soap didn't smell sweet..nor like maple syrup, or sugar.. or anything that smells good. It smelled like rotten pine trees mixed with play-doh. It was just awful.

So I said...okay well maybe i'm just not giving it a chance and so I let it sit out for a couple days to cure more. Finally I decided maybe the maple-syrup note to it would be released if I used it in the shower..Nope it had the same play-doh gross smell.

Now for the mountie massage bar. It's supposed to smell like creamed coconut, vanilla and jasmine. It doesn't..It's not a TERRIBLE smell but I really would not like to smell like it.. It smells similar to the Nutts massage bar except its more earthy and piney and not as sweet.

Is it just me? I mean did anyone try these two products and like them? I just feel so let down. I bought 2 of these gifts. So when I got the first one and didn't like it, I was hoping maybe it had just spoiled or it was just a bad batch or SOMETHING. But unfortunately, to my dismay the second gift smelled the same..



PS: If anyone actually loved this gift and wants it, just let me know!

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