Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Haul! Mad City Soap Body Spritzers - Moisturizing Sprays

Hey lovelies! I just got a package in the mail today from Mad City Soap and thought I would share.

FIRST OF ALL. I'd like to talk about the ingredients. (water, octoxynol-13, nonoxynol-12, glycerin, propylene glycol, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, fragrance) Obviously these are not natural ingredients and in my opinion most of these could very well cause skin to be irritated. So why did I purchase them? Well it is summer and I do work out regularly and I am outside for the majority of the day. So I really don't want to be smelling like some kind of cave woman who doesn't ever shower. Body spritzers really just make me feel kind of fresh. That being said, I never spray my skin directly; most of the time I will either spray my clothes before I put them on or spray in front of me and walk through the mist.

Okay so the smells..TO DIE FORRR. I chose Cherry Divinity & Marshmallow (smells like maraschino cherries with fresh whipped marshmallow cream), Raspberry Coconut Cream Roll (smells just like the name unfortunately it has a slight hint of plastic), Mint Angel (smells like fresh cool peppermint and sweet vanilla) and of course Pink Sugar-type (dead on dupe no trace of plastic smell at all). I am really satisfied with the fragrances I picked out and mmmm they are just so yummy! Also I asked to sample the Kai-type fragrance because I had never smelled it before; it smells like jasmine, honeysuckle, peony and maybe even a hint of ginger. It's very floral and perfumey, lady-like kind of scent. I don't think it would wear it regularly just because I find that fragrances that are very floral tend to give me a headache throughout the day.

As usual Sue was very quick to send these out. I am super satisfied with my order and I know these are going to last me all summer. The prices of these are reasonable. You can pick 3 fragrances of 1 fl oz spritzers for $10 just to try out scents and a 4 fl oz spritzer is $6.50!



  1. I'm going to send your name on to my friend at Ritual Waters and see if she'll send you a bar to try. Her soap is wonderful. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment (happy dance).

  2. Oh that would be so cool! Even though I do have a passion for bath products I also looooove to cook and bake. For Father's Day I actually tried out the Triple Lemon Layer Cake recipe from fine cooking and it turned out great. I'll have to shoot you over a picture later!


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