Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Creamery Creek Soaps

[ingredients: fresh goat milk, saponified oils of: olive, coconut, palm, castor, avocado, shea butter, soybean, and fragrance/essential oils]
Okay so a few weeks ago I got my order from Creamery Creek. They sell goat milk soap and I have heard such wonderful things about goat's milk so I decided to get a few to try. I picked Red Clover tea, Peach Tea and Raspberry Zinger. If I had to pick a favourite it would be Raspberry Zinger just because it's summer and this raspberry-lemonade kind of smell is really refreshing. My least favourite was Peach Tea; it smells awful. It smells like..vomit or other things of that nature.

Moving on... Regardless of the smell these soaps produce the most luxurious dense milky lather that I have seen yet! When I first got them I just used one of the little sample slivers that were included and I really wasn't impressed because it took a while to get a lather that was ideal. However after taking a full size bar in the shower I was just completely convinced. These soaps are amazing. I would compare this lather to whipped egg whites but with the density of heavy whipped cream. It is just like I am on cloud 9 or something.

Also, this soap doesn't leave my skin feeling squeeky clean which i've found that many soaps do. Even though I feel that I still need to put on a moisturizer after, I feel that the soaps are quite moisturizing despite being a bar soap.

If you have sensitive skin and find that bar soaps tend to try out your skin, you might want to give Creamery Creek soaps a try because of the goat's milk. Goat's milk ph level is very close to our skin's ph level and therefore works with your skin instead of againsts it. Also Goat's milk contains lactic acid which is a gentle exfoliant for your skin. It also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your skin. At Creamery Creek, they use the milk from their own Nigerian Dwarf Goats; they have a 4-9% higher butterfat milk content than regular dairy goats. So this just makes the soap extra creamy and extra moisturizing.

So it is true that once you try goat's milk soap you will never go back. Lately I have been purchasing just goat's milk soaps from different companies and you will see that in future posts!


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  1. Sounds interesting! And teh soap looks so sweet :)


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